Southern California Eats

This beautifully photographed book offers a fresh look at Southern California’s roadside eateries. Embark on a road trip to out-of-the-way, Route 66 landmarks, futuristic Googie coffee shops, and exotic Polynesian paradises. Part-homage and part-guidebook, this photo essay captures the flavor and character of Southern California’s most unique eating establishments. Tour 1920s legends like Hollywood’s Formosa Café to 1960s jet age icons like the LAX Theme Building. Hungry historians, students and pop culture enthusiasts will appreciate the well-researched text, colorful images and personal stories.

Southern California Eats 2

Take an architectural journey through Southern California and step back in time to visit fast food prototypes, drive-ins, bowling alley snack bars, space age coffee shops, roadside cafes, and historical landmarks. Enjoy photo excursions to a Tiki style drive-in snack bar, the last remaining winery/restaurant in Los Angeles, a desert outpost café near where General Patton trained American troops for World War II, and a giant chocolate donut you can drive-thru. A fun, informative and visual treat with something for everyone.

Modern Tract Homes of Los Angeles

Affordable housing for the masses has been an age-old problem that some of the best minds in the world have tried to solve. Modern Tract Homes of Los Angeles exploreshowthe Modern Movement influenced five Los Angeles tract homes built between 1948 and 1964. Through these unique tracts, we gain an understanding of what the postwar climate was like and why Modern houses remain relevant today, more than half a century later.

Southern California Out and About

Southern California has it all! Its rich diversity in climate, terrain, natural resources, people, opportunities and ideas cannot be overstated. With an open mind, Southern California welcomes the new, the wacky, and sometimes, even the absurd as much as the brilliant and traditional. In more than 220 spectacular images and captions, John Eng and AdrieneBiondo reveal all that the region has to offer. From the magnificent mountain scenery of the High Sierras to the lowbrow subculture of the Venice Beach Freakshow, and from the opulence of Hearst Castle to the feisty cancan dancers at the French Festival, you will see some of the beauty and pathos of a state that has become a modern utopia and the envy of the world.